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Drama Paper
In the year 1984, author, Milcha Sanchez-Scott wrote the short story titled “The Cuban Swimmer”. This is the story of a young girl named Margarita Suarez who is in a swimming competition in the summer, located in the Pacific Ocean from San Pedro to Catalina Island. She is swimming behind a boat filled with her family. Her family consists of her father and coach, Eduardo Suarez, her mother, Aida Suarez, her brother, Simon Suarez and her Abuela. The story opens up with Margarita in the water already swimming in the race with her coaching her through a megaphone on the boat. Her swimming is interrupted by a helicopter filled with the race reporters. Simon turns on the boats TV and sees that they are being covered by the helicopter. The reporters state the fact that she is in first place and that although this race consists of mostly professionals, there is still room for the amateurs. This angers Aida because they called the whole family “simple people” on a “rag – tag boat”. She is so upset that she continues to pester Eduardo about how she wants an apology from the TV station when they got to shore. Margarita can’t hear any of the bickering that is going on the boat until her father gets the megaphone and yells at the rest of the family to shut up or they will break Margaritas concentration. After that, a little later on, Eduardo is on the bow of the boat keeping time on Margarita. Her mother and grandmother are praying in Spanish and Simon is just singing nonsense of what others are saying instead of being a look out of anything like sharks or other boats. The family all looks at Margarita who is swimming “like a seal” and that rainbows are dancing around her. Her father realizes that there are rainbows because she is swimming through and oil slick. Eduardo has Simon stop the boat and as Margarita comes up and stops swimming she is covered in oil. They cannot touch her because if they do she will be disqualified so they cannot help her. Eduardo blames...

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Sanchez Essay

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The short story "Sanchez," written by Richard Dokey, is a story about

Juan Sanchez and his family. "Sanchez" is told in many different settings,

which are all unique and represent various feelings that Dokey portrays to

his readers. The settings are described realistically; they affect Juan and

Jesus in personal ways. The settings vary from a small village in Mexico to

the Sierra Nevada in California.

At first the story is set in Stockton in the San Joaquin Valley. Jesus,

Juan's son, got his first job in a cannery called Flotill. Stockton is shown

to be a working town where Juan had lived before. To Jesus, Stockton is his

future and his hopes are large enough to shield him from the "skid…show more content…

Next, Juan and his son parted because Juan was

feeling tired from the events of the day. Juan got in his car and returned

home to Twin Pines to reflect on his past.

Twin Pines was where Juan and his wife had lived for about six years, but

the home wasn't the same now that La Belleza was dead. La Belleza had died

due to complications when Jesus was born. His wife's death completely

changed him. Twin Pines was where Juan and his wife had longed to live for

many years. The neighborhood and his new house had been well deserved. He

had to struggle for a long time in Mexico to save enough money to move to the

mountains. Juan had lived his whole life in Mexico before moving. Mexico,

to Juan was a "hard land. It took the life of his father and mother before

he was twelve and the life of his aunt, with whom he then lived, before he

was sixteen"(154). This inspired Juan to get away from the village and

eventually, he did. Mexico and its hardships were now in Juan's past

representing his struggle to have a better place for his wife. Juan had

saved enough money to leave the "death" of Mexico and head for his dreams of

the Mountains. Jackson, a town along the road to Twin Pines, was where "the

road turned and began an immediate, constant climb upward" (156). This, to

me, represents a major change in Juan's life. Juan's dream finally was

turning into what he wanted. The climbing road

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