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“FTCE Practice Test: “Double Your Score On Essay Questions With This Simple Tip”…

Your FTCE study guides should have plenty of sample multiple choice and essay questions with full answer explanations. Florida Teacher Certification Examinations like the General Knowledge Test have essay questions. Test takers get nervous for the essay portion of their Florida teacher certification exam – and for good reason.

With only a limited amount of time, teacher certification candidates are required to write an in-depth, error-free essay that demonstrates a strong and definitive purpose, good organization and an effective use of language. The essay section determines a big part of your overall exam score.

If your teaching exam includes an essay section, the best preparation you can do invest time improving in this test taking skill.

FTCE practice you do determines if you pass or fail. Therefore, it’s essential to learn how to maximize your use of your practice test for the FTCE – and this test prep information is all here in this guide. Use these test preparation tips on your Florida examination, and you’ll be more than prepared for your Florida exam.

A Free Study Exercise To Boost Your Score In Constructed Response Questions

The practice advice many FTCE review books tell you for essay questions is to choose a stance that you feel passionate about. However, that’s not the best practice method that will yield you the most points:

  • Put your passion aside in favor of a stance that you have more information on. Let your test content knowledge determine the stance you’ll take on your essay, not your passion or enthusiasm. While this advice is not applicable to an exam like the Integrated Curriculum, it is to other Florida teacher certification exams.

  • While taking FTCE practice test questions, get in the habit of inserting as many facts, statistics and evidence you can provide in each essay. That’s what essay scorers are looking for.
  • Avoid This Mistake In Your Essay Practice

  • Be sure to support your main points. No matter what position you chose, you’ll have to demonstrate exactly why you support that position.

  • Don’t make the mistake in your practice of assuming that the examiner will know what you’re talking about. Even if you’re writing your essay on basic knowledge that any schoolchild knows. No matter what example exams you’re using, get exercise and experience supporting all positions you take. Pack in as much evidence as possible in favor of your argument.

  • Imagine in your head that the grader is constantly asking themselves, “why?” when they’re reading your essay.
  • The Best Sample Questions Are Needed To Achieve Florida Teacher Certification

    First try out these methods while doing mock test questions, so you develop the skills in maximizing your score in the essay section. You’ll need plenty of practice for your essay writing skills; however, don’t make the mistake of choosing low-quality example exams for your writing sessions.

    The more practice exams that are stuffed into your preparation manual, the better. Remember, even the best writers had to practice to develop their writing skills – and with plenty of practice and study, you’ll master even the toughest essay question on exam day.

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    What tests do I need to take?

    The Bureau of Educator Certification (BEC) determines your testing requirements after you submit an application for certification.

    For more information about certification, contact the BEC toll free at (800) 445-6739 or visit www.fldoe.org/teaching/certification/.

    How many tests can I take per appointment?

    You can only register for one test per appointment. For tests with subtests, you may take any combination of subtests at a single appointment, for a single test fee. It may be possible to register for multiple appointments on the same day at the same test site; however, there can be no guarantee that multiple appointments can be scheduled consecutively.

    What skills do I need to take a computer-based test?

    FTCE/FELE examinations require minimal computer and typing skills. You must be comfortable with a Windows environment, using a mouse (e.g., clicking, double-clicking, dragging, and scrolling), and typing at a rate that will allow you to complete the assignment in the allotted time (approximately 30 words per minute). The Computer-Based Testing Tutorials provide information about the tools and features that will be available during your test.

    Can I bring a cell phone into the testing room?

    No. Examinees found with a cell phone or any prohibited item will not be allowed to continue testing, will be reported to the Department of Education, and will have their scores automatically invalidated.

    Secure storage is provided at all test sites. Before testing, examinees are responsible for placing all personal items into storage, including any prohibited items.

    Review the test site rules for a complete list of prohibited items.

    Can my requirement to take and pass the General Knowledge Test be waived?

    There is no provision in law to waive the test requirement. However, the Florida State Board of Education has approved a rule change that defines minimum passing scores for the GRE subtests that may be used to satisfy the demonstration of mastery of the general knowledge skills measured by the FTCE General Knowledge Test.

    For more information, visit the Bureau of Educator Certification page related to this rule change.

    I have a documented disability. Can the requirement to take a subtest of the General Knowledge Test be waived for me?

    If the Department of Education's Bureau of Educator Certification has stipulated that you must take and pass the General Knowledge Test or any other examination for certification in the state of Florida, there is no provision in law to waive the test requirement. However, special accommodations, such as extra time, may be requested. See About Alternative Arrangements for more information.

    What information resources are available?

    Several resources, such as test information guides, reference sheets, and specific information about the components of each examination are available to examinees that may aid in an independent test preparation effort. These items are accessible from each exam's resource materials page. Test information guides provide a general overview of the test, including the competencies and skills to be tested and sample test items.

    The test information guides are intended to provide an overview of the content and format of the examination. They are not intended as all-inclusive sources of content or pedagogical knowledge, nor are they substitutes for college coursework or professional preparation.

    What is important to know about writing an essay?

    The intent of the essay test component is to demonstrate an examinee's ability, in the time allotted, to compose and write an original essay that completely addresses the topic in an effective, well-organized manner, with good grammar and spelling, as described in the rubric in the test information guide for the test requiring an essay.

    Memorizing an essay from another source and presenting it as an original during a test administration does not demonstrate the ability to compose and write an acceptable essay. This is considered cheating. If the essay raters identify an essay as pre-prepared, the essay and all tests the examinee took that day will be invalidated, and no score reports will be sent. The incident will be reported to the Department's Bureau of Professional Practices Services.

    Additional information about testing rules and the day of the test are described in these two memos from the Department:

    I forgot my log-in information. How do I retrieve my username and/or password?

    Go to your account login page and follow the links to retrieve your username and/or password. If you experience any further technical difficulties, call FTCE/FELE Customer Service at (866) 613-3281 (toll free) or (413) 256-2893, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. eastern time.

    My name has recently changed and now does not match the name that appears on my identification. What should I do?

    You can update the name on your account by faxing or mailing a copy of your government-issued photo ID and legal documentation of your name change to FTCE/FELE Customer Service. For examples of acceptable forms of documentation, review the identification policy. If you have questions about updating your account information, contact Customer Service at (866) 613-3281 (toll free) or (413) 256-2893, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. eastern time.

    If you do not update the name on your account prior to taking your test, review the identification policy for information about what you may be required to do or provide at the test site.

    My Social Security number hasn't been recorded correctly. How do I update my account information?

    Call FTCE/FELE Customer Service at (866) 613-3281 (toll free) or (413) 256-2893, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. eastern time, for instructions on submitting the documentation required to update your incorrectly recorded Social Security number.

    When will my scores be available?

    Score reports are posted to your account on Mondays after 10:00 p.m. eastern time on the published score report date.

    If you are taking a test with only multiple-choice questions, you will receive your unofficial pass/non-pass status at the end of the test session. If you are taking a test with a performance component, you will receive a Receipt of Completion instead of an unofficial pass/non-pass status.

    Unofficial pass/non-pass status will not be provided for tests experiencing score report delays.

    Why can't I receive my official score report immediately after my test?

    All unofficial results undergo psychometric review consistent with industry best practices to ensure the reliability and validity of the assessments. Once this review is complete, official scores are released. See Scores for additional information.

    How can I report scores to my institution or district?

    During registration, you may choose to have your score sent to your institution or Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP).

    If you did not select an institution or a Professional Development Certification Program during registration and you have not yet taken your test, you can add a score reporting option to your existing registration by contacting Customer Service at (866) 613-3281 (toll free) or (413) 256-2893, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. eastern time. If you are participating in an educator preparation program, you are strongly encouraged to report your scores to your program.

    If you have already tested and need to send scores, you will need to provide scores to the institution or district directly. If needed, review information about requesting a copy of your score report.

    How do I get extra copies of my score report?

    You can access your score report in your account. Score reports released beginning January 2018 will be available in examinee accounts for 5 years from the score report release date. Previously, examinee score reports were available only for 60 days. Examinees who tested prior to 2018 may request a duplicate score report. You can also access your complete FTCE/FELE testing history, reported as pass/not pass status, any time in your account.

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