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Bradfield School is a learning community where we want everybody to thrive.  We aim to enable every individual to find meaning in their life, to pursue happiness and to help others do the same.  Academic success for students of all abilities is a vital part of this; we recognise that academic success opens doors in the future and can continue to provide opportunities for a lifetime. As well as academic achievement, we aim to value any other type of achievement and we support our students to become well-rounded members of the wider community. Above all, we want every member of the Bradfield School learning community to feel happy, safe and valued as an individual as well as to be challenged and supported to fulfil their potential.

The Bradfield School learning community includes students, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and carers, governors and all members of the wider community.  Everybody at Bradfield School has the responsibility to respect themselves and others, the school building and environment.  We all welcome and celebrate difference, whether this is gender, race, class, sexuality, age or creed.  

Education is a moral transaction between one generation and the next and takes place in the home, at school and in the community.  Our students represent that next generation and they have the right to high quality lessons, but also the responsibility to make use of them.  Every student has the responsibility to improve and to seek to fulfil their potential.  We seek to reward rational enquiry and encourage risk-taking.  We are committed to learning from our mistakes.


Behaviour statements:

At Bradfield School:

  • We all strive to achieve our potential as part of a community committed to education and a good life for all.
  • We remember there are others and seek to show empathy.
  • We respect each other’s personal space.
  • We welcome and celebrate difference, whether this is gender, race, class, sexuality, age or creed.
  • We challenge prejudice, inequality of opportunity and ignorance.
  • We have a responsibility for the welfare and happiness of everyone in our community.
  • We respect the building as a place of learning that belongs to everyone.
  • We recognise that our actions have consequences and we take responsibility for them
  • We question constructively.
  • We talk to and about each other respectfully.
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Many thanks for the support we have received from you during this period of extreme weather over the past few days. The decision to open or close a school during these conditions is never easy. Ideally this decision has to be made early and has to be based on ever changing forecasts and, as we have seen today, conditions can worsen.

Steel City Schools Partnership and the Local Authority rightly urge schools to stay open wherever they can.  However, as the forecasttomorrowappears to be as unsettled as today, with the added hazard of freezing temperatures, icy roads and pavements becoming treacherous and more snowfall forecast overnight, we have made the difficult decision to close the schooltomorrow– Friday 2nd March. We felt that this was the best course of action to ensure the safety and well-being of all.

Hopefully this advance notice will give you the chance to make arrangements for your children.  

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated over the weekend. Our intention is that all schools will be open as usual on Monday morning, 5th March.  Updates will be posted via this page, our text service, Twitter, our school website and local radio. Please also look on our website or on twitter for some of the learning challenges that can be undertaken. 


Monteney Primary is a larger than average primary to the North of Sheffield. The school’s achievements have been recognised through the Gold Arts Mark, Healthy Schools Awards, Basic Skills Quality Mark and Quality in Study Support at Emerged Level Award. Its work on leadership and governance has similarly been recognised nationally through the National College for School Leadership and the Department for Education and Skills.

Hello everyone and welcome to our website. We hope you find it useful, informative and it gives you a real flavour of what a great place Monteney is for children to learn.

At Monteney we want all our children to be excited by learning, to take risks, seek challenge, ask questions and persevere. We have an exciting, creative curriculum that allows children to develop skills for lifelong learning.

We recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents and carers and hope that our website supports us in this. We aim for the website to provide our parents, carers and families with up to date news, forthcoming events and access to key information as well as showcasing some of the children’s fabulous learning.


Thank you and best wishes

Clare Hayes: Principal of Monteney Primary School


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