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Informative Speech- Women's Rights Essay

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How did Women's Rights Movement come about? Women were not allowed to vote. They usually could not get higher education. Often, they could not get jobs, and when they did, they get paid less than men for for the same work. They could not own property, in many countries, including England. In some places, if they had money and got married, the money became the property of their husbands. The Women's Right's Movement started because they were sick of the unfairness. Women's rights are the rights and elements and entitlement claimed for a woman and girls of many societies. Women(and some men) have asserted women's equality and the rights of women since ancient times, but without much success until the 19th and 20th century Women's Rights…show more content…

The declaration was greeted with a storm of criticism in newspapers and from religious leaders. By 1850, however, activists had organized similar gatherings in Ohio and Massachusetts and established an annual Woman's Rights Convention. The campaign for dress reform became closely associated with the women's rights movement, as advocates such as Amelia Bloomer argued that the tight clothing women wore was unhealthy and restrictive, such as Bloomers. Many early women's rights advocates also became involved in Spiritualism, a belief system based on direct communication with God and the dead, which offered women a greater voice in their religious life than did the male hierarchies of the Christian churches.

In the 20th Century, The reemergence of the women's movement in the United States in the late 1960s is commonly referred to as the modern women's rights movement, the feminist movement, or the women's liberation movement. It is also known as second wave feminism, which serves to distinguish it from the period a century earlier when women in the United States first organized around demands for full citizenship. That earlier campaign, known as first wave, culminated with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920, which legally (if not actually) barred discrimination in voting on the basis of sex. Feminists in the 1960s, like their predecessors, sought to

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Research Paper Outline: Women’s Suffrage in the 1920sI.IntroductionThesis:The women’s suffrage movement of the 1920’s worked to grant women the right to vote nationally, thereby allowing women more political equality.II.Body 1: Women as Public AdvocatesTopic Sentence:Wanting to ensure the standards and profound quality of the "home", many women were involved in social advocacy with the end goal to help amend the inadequacies in the changing nineteenth century.Evidence:Women strived to “improve…the conditions of child workers, the mentally ill, those imprisoned, and the slaves…It was the result of women’s participation in the abolition movement…that women were compelled to address their own political inequality” (Howard and Sabato 448).Analysis:As women worked more and more with these underprivileged groups, they became increasingly aware of their own lacking rights which prevented them from completely taking part in societal decisions. The right to vote would encourage women to continue working to

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