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The Mass Effect System Guide is a key to all the systems found in Mass Effect, and offers a quick glance at the relevant game information. Here you'll find which cluster a system is in, how to unlock it, and the links to the missions and assignments contained within it. Extra detail is provided for long collection assignments to help you find exactly the piece you're looking for on top of the other assignments in the system.

This information is also available in visual form for easy reference.

See Also: Walkthrough, Missions, Assignments, Planet Index

Argos RhoEdit

Main article: Argos Rho

Gorgon SystemEdit

Main article: Gorgon

Hydra SystemEdit

Main article: Hydra

Phoenix SystemEdit

Main article: Phoenix

Armstrong NebulaEdit

Main article: Armstrong Nebula

Gagarin SystemEdit

Main article: Gagarin

Grissom SystemEdit

Main article: Grissom

Hong SystemEdit

Main article: Hong

Tereshkova SystemEdit

Main article: Tereshkova

Vamshi SystemEdit

Main article: Vamshi

Artemis TauEdit

Main article: Artemis Tau

Athens SystemEdit

Main article: Athens

Knossos SystemEdit

Main article: Knossos

Macedon SystemEdit

Main article: Macedon

Sparta SystemEdit

Main article: Sparta

Attican BetaEdit

Main article: Attican Beta

Hercules SystemEdit

Main article: Hercules

Theseus SystemEdit

Main article: Theseus

Exodus ClusterEdit

Main article: Exodus Cluster

Asgard SystemEdit

Main article: Asgard

Utopia SystemEdit

Main article: Utopia
  • Scannable from Normandy
  • Missions on Eden Prime
    • This is a mission world, and can only be visited at the beginning of the game. For more information, please see the walkthrough.

Gemini SigmaEdit

Main article: Gemini Sigma

Han SystemEdit

Main article: Han

Ming SystemEdit

Main article: Ming

Hades GammaEdit

Main article: Hades Gamma

Antaeus SystemEdit

Main article: Antaeus

Cacus SystemEdit

Main article: Cacus

Dis SystemEdit

Main article: Dis

Farinata SystemEdit

Main article: Farinata

Plutus SystemEdit

Main article: Plutus

Hawking EtaEdit

Main article: Hawking Eta

Century SystemEdit

Main article: Century

Horse Head Nebula ClusterEdit

Main article: Horse Head Nebula

Fortuna SystemEdit

Main article: Fortuna

Pax SystemEdit

Main article: Pax

Strenuus SystemEdit

Main article: Strenuus

Kepler VergeEdit

Main article: Kepler Verge

Herschel SystemEdit

Main article: Herschel

Newton SystemEdit

Main article: Newton

Local ClusterEdit

Main article: Local Cluster

Sol SystemEdit

Main article: Sol

Maroon SeaEdit

Main article: Maroon Sea

Caspian SystemEdit

Main article: Caspian

Matano SystemEdit

Main article: Matano

Vostok SystemEdit

Main article: Vostok

Pangaea ExpanseEdit

Main article: Pangaea Expanse

Refuge SystemEdit

Main article: Refuge
  • Unlocked shortly after finding Dr. Liara T'Soni and completing the missions on Feros, Noveria, and Virmire. Please see the Mass Effect Guide for more information.
  • Scannable from Normandy

Sentry OmegaEdit

Main article: Sentry Omega

Hoc SystemEdit

Main article: Hoc
  • Unlocked when council gives coordinates for Virmire
  • Scannable from Normandy

Serpent NebulaEdit

Main article: Serpent Nebula

Widow SystemEdit

Main article: Widow
  • Scannable from Normandy
  • This is the home of the Citadel. Many assignments can be completed here, some of which depend on your character's background selections. Please see the assignments page for a complete list.

Styx ThetaEdit

Main article: Styx Theta

Acheron SystemEdit

Main article: Acheron

Erebus SystemEdit

Main article: Erebus

Voyager ClusterEdit

Main article: Voyager Cluster

Amazon SystemEdit

Main article: Amazon

Columbia SystemEdit

This is a brief guide intended to outline a reasonable order to complete 100% of all missions and assignments. It covers experiencing virtually all of the content of Mass Effect.

There are a number of other excellent achievement specific guides listed below. These should also be consulted for specifics concerning those achievements.

Note that this is not intended to be a walk-through in the usual sense: it is more of a checklist. It is not necessary to complete the game more than once to gain the "Completionist" achievement.


This checklist will provide one possible order for accomplishing all of the missions and assignments.


Exposing Saren

Note: Avoid triggering any assignments!

Finding Liara T'Soni

Note: If you are already at least level 20, it will be impossible to avoid triggering the UNC: Rogue VI assignment at this point. This will not adversely affect the ally achievements, as only 75% of the assignments are necessary.

The Citadel



Uncharted Space

The Citadel Redux

Uncharted Space Redux

Note: This is the final opportunity to complete assignments outside of the Citadel.


Citadel Detainee


Multiple Characters and Replays

In order to experience every possible assignment and to gather all possible achievements, it is necessary to play through Mass Effect at least four times. If one follows the possible career paths:

  • the first game will yield all but three of the assignments and the majority of the achievements;
  • the second will yield a few further achievements;
  • the third will provide two further assignments and several more achievements;
  • the fourth will see the final assignment and finish up the last possible romance combination.

Further replays may be required to gain the Extreme Power Gamer achievement and/or the various talent achievements.

Character Creation

When creating a custom Commander Shepard, several immutable characteristics must be chosen which will affect all future play using that character, even if a new game is started.

The default "quick start" Commander Shepard is a male Soldier, Earthborn, and a Sole Survivor.


Morality affects certain dialog choices available during each game (and therefore the outcome of certain assignments) as well as a morality-specific mission. A character's morality is represented by running tallies of Paragon and Renegade points (to a maximum of 330 each). Accumulating Paragon points unlocks higher levels of the Charm talent; Renegade points unlock Intimidate levels.

When starting a new game, Paragon

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