Born To Be Different By Camille Lewis Essay

Men and Women

In Camille Lewis essay "Born to be Different?" she writes about how at first she believes her boys and girl are born psychologically the same. As her children become older she notices different characteristics that make her believe they are born psychologically different. Lewis' point is clear; she believes that men and women are born psychologically different, as oppose to the environment playing a role as an influence. In Lewis' essay she describes three main ideas about how men and women have different brain development, ways of thinking, and resolving problems.

The first important point that Lewis states is the difference in brain development. According to Lewis' essay, women have around 15 percent more "gray matter" than men. Lewis says, "high concentration of gray matter helps explain women's ability to look at many sides of an argument at once, and to do several tasks simultaneously" (Lewis 299). As oppose to women, men have a larger portion of "white mater." Lewis says, "It allows men to concentrate very narrowly on a specific task, without being distracted by thoughts that might conflict with the job at hand" (Lewis 299).

Lewis also believes that both men and women a have a different way of thinking. She says that women are empathizers. Lewis explains that empathizers usually talks about a place she has been to with emotion content; for example empathizers won't remember the address of a

particular place, but instead they remember as "where we had our anniversary." In the other hand, Lewis says males are systemizers. "A systemizer is less interested in how people feel than in how things work" (Lewis 300). When systemizers talks about a place they've been to, they typically give street address.

Lewis' essay says that men and women different ways of resolving problems. She says the anatomy of a woman's brain, as well as well as her accompanying empathetic mindset, makes her want to consider all the sides of a question and to explore various possible solutions. As oppose to women, Lewis mentions that men's mental mind are set to identify the main problems, resolve them, and to get it out of their way. She says that when a man listens to his female partner problem, his first impulse is to listen briefly and then tell her what to do about it.

Camille Lewis makes important points in her essay, "Born to be different?" She believes men and women are born psychologically different. "Experts have discovered that there are actually differences in the way women's and men's brains are structured and in the way they react to events and stimuli" (10 Big Differences). Lewis makes three important points brain development, ways of thinking, and resolving problems help support her idea.


According to Camille Lewis in “Born to be Different” men and women are biologically different. The difference between men and women are compared and observed by the study of the anatomy of the brain, interactions and the process of solving problems. Lewis explains the anatomy of the brain between men and women apportioned differently. The greater percentage of gray matter in the brain of a woman allows her the ability to multitask and process more information quickly. The brain of men has a greater proportion of white matter. This inhibits the spread of information, allowing men to focus on one thing at a time and to concentrate on a specific task. Lewis shares the interaction of women being empathizers, because they are constantly measuring and responding to their emotional surroundings. Men are systemizers; they are less interested in how people feel than in how things work. These differences will appear in reading interests, types of career and memory. Lewis explains men and women differ to their response to problem solving. A woman’s process of solving a problem is important and talking about a problem deepens the intimacy between her and her partner. Men have a completely opposite approach, everything in their mental makeup tells them to focus on an issue, solve it, and get it out of the way. This is their way of demonstrating their power and competence. The challenge that confronts men and women is to put aside ideas of better and worse when it comes to their differences and work together. A woman’s point of view may be effective and a man’s point of view may have advantages. Lewis shares that our differences will not disappear.

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