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Miranda Mattingly joined the Writing Center at Walden University in 2016. She earned her MA in English from Florida State University before completing her PhD in English at the University of Missouri. Her academic and research interests include visual culture, periodical studies, Victorian literature, and digital pedagogy.

Miranda has over a decade of experience working in online education and has taught a variety of developmental writing, composition, and literature courses at both public and private universities, community colleges, and in the online environment. When working with students, her primary focus is on encouraging students to have confidence in their skills as writers and to cultivate their voices as critical thinkers in an increasingly global community.

Originally from Kentucky, Miranda currently resides in Columbia, Missouri. When she is not working, Miranda enjoys biking, hiking, traveling abroad, and watching lots of college basketball.

UMI Abstract
When you deposit your dissertation electronically, ProQuest/UMI will require you to provide the text of your UMI abstract. Please have this text ready when you begin the online submission process. The abstract must be in English, must not exceed 350 words, and must be approved by your advisor.

Abstract Within Dissertation
Your program may require an abstract to be part of the dissertation. Please follow your program’s style requirements, and number all of these pages as part of the preliminary material (use lower case Roman numerals). This abstract must be included in the table of contents.

Copyright Page (optional)
You may include a copyright page; if you do, insert it directly after the title page. Do not number the copyright page. View a sample copyright page. Center the text in the bottom third of the page within the dissertation margins.

Registration of copyright (optional)
You are automatically protected by copyright law, and you do not have to pay in order to retain copyright.

There is an additional fee of $55.00 for registering your copyright, which is a public record, and is payable to ProQuest/UMI at the time of electronic submission.  If you register your copyright, ProQuest/UMI will send a digital copy of your dissertation to the Library of Congress. You are not required to register your copyright through ProQuest/UMI; you may choose to do it on your own. More information is available online at www.copyright.gov and from UW Libraries.

After you submit the PDF of your dissertation electronically, you will not be permitted to make any additional corrections. Therefore, make sure the PDF is completely accurate before you submit.

Reprints and Use of Copyrighted Material
You are responsible for appropriate use of copyrighted materials in your thesis. Some material may be available for use without restriction while other material may require written permission from the rights holder. Other material may be appropriately used without written permission under the “fair use” provisions of the copyright law. General guidance regarding use of copyrighted materials is available from ProQuest/ UMI or from the UW-Madison Libraries.

  • Fair Use: Read general information regarding how to determine if your use of copyrighted materials constitutes fair use.  Additionally, your own professional or disciplinary societies may have fair use statements to help you negotiate disciplinary specialties.
  • Written Permission: If written permission is required, you are responsible for obtaining such permission and maintaining records of the written permission to use the copyrighted material in your thesis. You can usually get permission by sending a letter of request to the copyright holder. Normally, your letter will be returned with an approval stamp or signature. Some copyright holders require a specific form of acknowledgment. A sample permission request letter is offered by ProQuest/UMI.  Note that obtaining written permission can be a lengthy process. Plan ahead and budget ample time to obtain all required permissions.

Producing Copies of Your Dissertation (optional)
There are many options available in terms of producing copies of your dissertation. You do NOT have to order copies through the UMI/ProQuest ETD Administrator site but that option is available. Some other ways to produce copies of your dissertation include:

  • UMI/ProQuest ETD Administrator site: order copies
  • Printing shop (FedEx Office, Bob’s Copy Shop, etc.)
  • Local book bindery (Grimm Book Bindery, Mc Ginn Bindery, etc.)

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