Psy 201 Week 5 Assignment

Baseline MeasurementThe target behavior in this baseline measurement is procrastinating. I tracked how often and how long I typically procrastinate throughout a three day period. The goal is to reduce my tendency to procrastinate (or become distracted) and remain focused on the task at hand. What will be measured is how many times I become distracted after I begin working on an assignment and how long I stay distracted during these periods, leading to delayed progress. I will then measure that against the amount of assignments I completed at the end of each day (I am currently taking two classes so I did have four to complete). I should be able to determine distinct changes in my behavior after implementing my intervention plan when I place it against these three days after some more time has passed. After two weeks of using this plan I will record how long and often I procrastinate over another three day period, and every two weeks after that until the problem is solved or if I decide to change the behavior modifications (if they are not working). According to the baseline data, it seemed the more work I had to complete the longer I put off doing it although I became distracted less frequently. On the first two days, when I became distracted more often, I spent less time procrastinating but also finished less work. Therefore I would have to assume that the more work I have to do, the more determined I am to stay focused at first, however when that focus is broken I am more likely to take my time coming back to it. So, the more work I do, the more I rest in between breaks. My goal is to reduce these breaks so that they happen a bit less frequently and are of a far shorter duration. Taking breaks is a very important part of studying or working on something difficult and time consuming. However, taking too much time completing a taskor a project can be detrimental, particularly in situations with set deadlines. Sometimes my procrastination can lead me to doing things last minute which then leads to less quality work or even sometimes being completed past the due date. As long as I can keep breaks at a more reasonable time and end up finishing my assignments earlier than the day it is due, I will consider the intervention a success.


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