Dissertation Topics On History

28 Great Dissertation Topics Related To American History

America has seen so many troughs and crests that it is impossible to enlist them all in a small article. Rising from a British colony to the lone superpower within 240 years demands critical analysis and writing.

Sticking to one province

What you can do with your dissertation is to stick to one province; thereby lessening the chance to deviate. Yes, the period that you choose must be dissected with propriety. You need to assess and encompass the sociological norms of the day.

You should also be fair and analytical about your assertions. Do not be driven by personal prejudices; only human in the American case. Your progress should be that of a scholar; not the influenced.

Meanwhile, here are 28 perceptive dissertation topics on American History for your reference –

  1. The part played by Spanish and French in the American Revolution
  2. The formation of the 13 states; a precursor to the big idea
  3. Life and lights of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson
  4. How does Boston Tea Party stand as a metaphor of the dilution of British prowess among its English colonies?
  5. How did United States of America solve the national debt crisis post American Revolution?
  6. Abolition of slavery: A great contribution by Abraham Lincoln
  7. The benefits and long-standing virtues of Industrial Revolution
  8. A critical commentary on the War of 1812
  9. How USA was plagued by differential thought processes in the North and South
  10. A critique on Abolitionism
  11. Shed light on the ethical and social codes of Reconstruction
  12. The part that USA played in 1st World War
  13. The impact of the Great Depression of 1933 and the resultant New Deal
  14. The economic growth of USA between 1933 and 1940
  15. Hitler, Pearl Harbor and American indiscretions in 2nd World War
  16. Justify or refute the Vietnam War
  17. The impact of Cold War on then developing countries and the Third World
  18. The strengths and weaknesses of UN
  19. The role that USA has played towards equality of women
  20. Commentary on Women’s Lib, Women’s Suffrage and escalation of their position in society
  21. The colonial benefits that USA sought in African little-known countries in 1960s
  22. The small stint and impact of John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  23. An assimilation of events during the Civil Rights Movement
  24. How 9/11 has changed American perspective on security
  25. Was USA justified in calling war on Afghanistan
  26. Should USA practice what it preaches in case of NTBT?
  27. Does USAS have the tendency to go over-dominant on territorial issues
  28. How USA shows the economic paths to the globe

Selection of right and appropriate topic for writing a history dissertation is often a critical and a significant phenomenon. In this regard the understanding of a topic and how to critically evaluate it is an essential factor. Meaningful selection of the topic involves topics that allows the researcher to be have ample ways and means to prove his or her academic research and writing skills in the chosen area of research.  There are some areas of concern in this perspective that can help the researcher to pick up one of the best dissertation topics, and these are attractiveness, originality, uniqueness, usefulness and its significance. It is important to select such dissertation topic whose findings and results hold paramount importance in practical world and must add on something worth mentioning in literature because otherwise there are a number of historical events but it’s all up to the researcher to have an eye for the best one.

History within itself is so vast and there are multiple historical events ranging from the prehistoric times to modern era. The selection of the topic will depend on what difference the researcher can make in a particular area of study. Maybe the researcher can select that angle of research that can give some twists and turns to an historical event considering reader’s point of view. This might also include some sort of investigative approach related to an event that took place in the past and the perspective was not discussed before.   Here is a list of some of the topics that can be used as history dissertation topics:

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Dissertation Topics from the Nineteenth Century

Under this category too there are a number of such issues and events that can be used for meaningful dissertation research. Moreover these topics are such that they hold paramount importance and can have further sub categories on which the researcher can focus on to make his or her research look more diverse and splendid in terms of originality and acceptance in practical fields.  Here is a list of some of the topics which can be worked on:

  • Events responsible for revolution in America. A critical analysis.
  • Creation of new female identity, Case of First World War.
  • Analysis of the French revolution with focus on the triumph of romanticism
  • Modern Europe and life of an Egyptian. A debate on the major issues.
  • Comparison of the Victorian era with modern era in terms of culture and society.
  • Youth criminology versus UK government strategies and policies.

History and Religious dissertations

This area primarily covers ideas and beliefs of the earliest people whose life used to revolve around ritualistic and superstitious beliefs followed by various activities according to what they considered was right by virtue of their faith such as practicing of animism in Indonesia. Moreover, different concepts regarding life and death and their transformation with the arrival of different religions can be viewed and critically analyzed under this category.

  • Transformation of national Identity with time; Case study of Bulgarian Muslims.
  • Religion diversity ; Case of Islamic variations in Indonesia
  • Religion and terrorism; A debate on their linkage.
  • British Society and Racism – A critical review of the literature

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Historic People and Events Dissertation Topics

In this regard different people in history whose life was linked to some sort of major events in the past can be critically analyzed and some major chunks of the research can be followed by questions such as:

  • What was the main event and how it can relate to the present day life.
  • Traits of a specific personality and how they lifted up the society with a boost of their efforts.
  • Multiple success stories and how modern era government could use them as a tool for improvement in current system.
  • Events related to the life of Johannes Gutenberg/ Queen Elizabeth/Napoleon III. An Analysis of the major events.
  • The crusades; Emphasis on religion and politics
  • The Renaissance; Emphasis on humanism.
  • Black Death; Analyses of the causes, events and effects.

Dissertation Topics under Italian Unification

One broad category can also be picked up such as Italian Unification which majorly focused on the social and political movement of Italian peninsula with a purpose to unify its various states. Some of the dissertation topics in this area of research are as follows:

  • Problems faced by newly created unified Italian government and strategies to tackle them.
  • Italian unification and the transformation brought in living standards.
  • Italian unification and its achievements; A critical analysis.
  • Italian unification and its causes; A critical analysis

“German Unification” Dissertation Topics

In this perspective too, research dissertations can be selected in similar way as the above mentioned category of “Italian Unification” Topics. Some of the topics that can be selected and worked on are listed as follows:

  • Representation of the victory of German liberals in relation to “German Unification”.
  • Success or a failure; Case of German unification.
  • “German Unification” and its effects on the European Society at present.
  • Importance of “German Unification”; Reasons and justifications.
  • “German Unification” and the removal of divisions between society and Government. Discuss and analyze.

The First World War Dissertation Topics

This is a famous phenomenon of history. Most of the people might have heard about it but may not be familiar with the details related to it, so a researcher can pick up an area that people are not much familiar with and can explore the new dimensions associated with it in order to come up with something versatile and worth working on. Here is a list of some dissertation topics if you wish to base your history dissertation on the events of First World War:

  • Reasons for rivalry and difference in opinions between the European nations; Analysis of the reasons and their outcomes.
  • Emergence of war in Europe in relation to the circumstances and events of the rest of the world.
  • First World War and change in the behavior of Germans towards Austria; A Critical Analysis on how this change led towards the outbreak of war.
  • Achievements of the war: Success or a failure.

“The Great Depression” (Britain 1918-1939) Dissertation Topics

The Great depression period can also be studied and researched upon because this is a very interesting phenomenon of the British history and many a times overlooked by the world of academia. The Great Depression refers to the time period when Britain was faced with multiple problems as a result of the First World War, even though various technological advancements were also made during that period. Dissertation topics in this perspective of history can be selected based on the following events of the “Great Depression”:

  • Fall of the labor Government 1924; Reasons and critical analysis
  • Achievements and failures of Britain; A case study of “The Great Depression”.
  • World economics in Relation to “The Great Depression” time period. Analysis.
  • Conditions and circumstances for Britain during the World War. Critical analysis.
  • “The Great Depression” and its negative impacts on Britain. Analysis.
  • Strategies to resolve the problems imposed by “The Great Depression”. Critically Analyze.
  • Factors outside Europe that led to the phenomenon of “The Great Depression”. Analysis.
  • Hurdles in Government ways during “The Great Depression” and the extent of resolving issues. Critical analysis.

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Second World War Dissertation Topics

History dissertation can also be based on the Second World War which in contrast to the First World War was considerably more advanced. A researcher can focus on one or two of the advancements or any other phenomenon of this Great War. Some of the dissertation topics that can be used chosen in this area of history are as follows:

  • Reasons for the outbreak of Second World War. A debate on the major factors that were responsible for its emergence.
  • The most defining event in terms of adding value to the result of war. Analysis of the selected event (s).
  • Resolving of the Second World War through peaceful means. Analysis of the possible ways and means.
  • Second World War in relation to Europe, study of the major impacts.
  • Second World War and its impacts on the European society: A detailed analysis.
  • Analysis of the most successful military operation during the Second World War.

History of French and German Cinema Dissertation Topics

Apart from the dissertation topics mentioned above topics from other fields of history such as those based on French and German cinema can also be worked upon. Dissertations that relate to the history of French and German Cinema are given below:

  • Politics and its effects on German and French Cinema; Justifications and critical analysis.
  • Variations and similarities between the French and German Cinema; Critical Analysis.

History of Racism Dissertation Topics

This too is one of the burning issues of the history of mankind because Blacks in Britain and other parts of the world were treated as slaves. As a result their rights were regularly exploited by the more powerful white race, preventing them to have a dignified and well reputed life. Researchers can find various dissertation topics under this field of history because there were numerous problems and their effects that occurred due to the discrimination phenomenon among the blacks and the whites.

  • Problems faced by the Asian and Black people in Britain, A detailed analysis.
  • Problems faced by Blacks and Asians in the field of education in comparison with the white people/students.
  • Ethnic violence in Great Britain – A review of the major events from the past.

History of Spanish Civil War Dissertation Topics

This was not only a war but a major revolution of its time and is still remembered as one of the major events in the past because its linkages are not only confined to one phenomenon but many other aspects such as unhappiness, social issues, gender discrimination, and cultural, social and political issues. So there are a number of potential topics of research related to this one major chunk of history, and therefore a researcher can select any of the events related to the Spanish civil war for his or her dissertation topic. Here are some topics you can base your dissertation on:

  • Social and political issues; Case of the “Spanish Civil War”.
  • “The Transition” era. Analysis of the changes of transformation from dictatorship to a liberal state.
  • “The Historical Memory Law”; Case of the victims of both sides of the Spanish Civil War.
  • “The memorials” from the Spanish Civil War. Critical analysis.

History of the Enemies of the United States Dissertation Topics

  • Role of media in portraying Vietnam War as a military failure. Critically analyze.
  • Reasons for not supporting interventions of America in Vietnam. Assess critically.
  • Policy making of the American Government and the role of media. Analysis and justifications.
  • Media, its role in that time and how that could have been modified. Discuss and analyze.
  • World wars and American economy. Analyze the advancements and the drawbacks.
  • Examination of the media and military during Vietnam War. Causes of American failure.
  • Domestic issues and American failure. Discuss and analyze.
  • Vietnam War and the American strategy. A historical debate.

The Reformation in Wales Dissertation Topics

This is one of the most famous events of the English history, and therefore an interesting area of research for a researcher. Some of the dissertation topics in this field of history are listed as follows:

  • “Welsh Acts”; Analysis and discussion specific to Wales.
  • “The Reformation” as a legislative movement. Analysis.
  • Monasteries and their dissolution. Analysis.
  • “The Welsh Problem” with emphasis on the reasons of non-unity.
  • Union and its acts in regard to its aims and effects. Analysis.

Events Early in the Twentieth Century Dissertation Topics

Palestinian-Israel conflict can be addressed by the researcher. Some of the dissertation topics related to this aspect of history are as follows:

  • Fatah, its creation and Yasser Arafat
  • Fatah and its rise. Analysis of the major events.
  • Arafat’s peaceful resolve. Analysis.
  • Palestinian problem and role of Arafat. Critical analysis.

History of Nazi Germany Dissertation Topics

Nazi Germany is not only confined to a limited perspective of history but leads to the history of many parts of the world which can provide the researcher basis for the selection of the topic of dissertation. Following are some of the dissertation topics that can be chosen by those interested in the history of Nazi Germany:

  • Reasons for the failure of Nazi’s party. Analysis
  • Successful policies of the Nazi’s that led to their success.
  • Special traits and characteristics of Nazis that led to their popularity.

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